How do I list my medical, dental or chiropractic equipment for sale on Clineeds?

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On Clineeds, you can buy and sell all types of new or used healthcare equipment including medical, dental, chiropractic and more. It only takes a few moments and the following easy steps to list. Here’s how you do it:

1. Click here to create a FREE account from our homepage.
2. After you have created an account, you should receive a confirmation email.
3. Login to your account.
4. Click “Create Listing” from the tab on top of the page.
5. Select “Sell My Equipment.”

This should take you to our listing portal where you can start the listing process, upload pictures and select the appropriate keywords.

If you’re having trouble creating your listing, we can help you out if you:

1. Click on the “Are you trying to sell your equipment?” link on the right panel of this page.
2. Fill out the forms, and Clineeds will create the listing for you.
3. You can email your pictures to us at [email protected]

As always, listing is FREE! No contracts. No commitments. No transaction fees.

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