Marketing Ideas for the Modern Chiropractor

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Today’s marketing strategies continue to evolve as businesses adapt to the rapid advancements of technology. For the modern chiropractic office, there are specific marketing ideas that can be utilized to attract new patients, as well as retain your established patient base. Let’s take a closer look at some of these strategies and how they can help your chiropractic practice.

Start with your Website

Like it or not, potential patients are going to get their first impression of your practice based off of your website. A poor website will immediately turn off patients who are on the fence about coming to your practice.

Make sure your website is up-to-date, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing to the eye (on desktops and smartphones), displays professional photos of the office and your team, and offers easy to find appointment scheduling options. In other words, contact a professional webmaster to get the site up to par. Try Yelp to help get you started in your search for a good webmaster.

Make your Social Media Presence Known

Social media is a must-have for any type of practice. It takes time to build followers, but it’s a useful tool to help you connect with patients. Just think of it this way; if you don’t find a way to connect with patients on social media, another chiropractic office will do so. Use social media to share updates on any office-related news, industry updates, and some fun items as well. Keep your followers engaged and your practice will surely be on their minds when it comes time to make an appointment.

Start a Blog

Blogging goes hand-in-hand with social media efforts. A good blog can help you provide valuable information on chiropractic services to your patient base. It shows that your office has the knowledge and passion that is needed to help others. Blogging is a great conversational tool that can give your patients an inside look into the personality of your office.

E-mail Marketing with a Newsletter

Newsletters are another great way to connect with your patients. Maybe you want to announce the opening of a new location. Or maybe you added a new doctor to the practice. These are announcements that you can share via an e-mailed newsletter. Again, it’s all about staying visible to your patient base.

Try a Rewards Program

Reward programs that utilize feedback and referrals can help you build a loyal patient base. It helps to use established rewards program software for these kinds of programs. Rewardster has a great program geared towards chiropractic offices that is certainly worth checking out.

Online Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdWords, is one of the more successful ways to advertise in today’s online-driven world. This kind of marketing will target local people in your area who use Google to search for a chiropractor.

Get Involved with the Local Community

This final strategy strays away from technology a bit. It’s a more grassroots approach, but it’s still effective. Get your practice name out there by donating to charities, or support your local youth sports teams. Look for special events to sponsor whenever you can. The members of your community will take notice the more you get involved.

In combination, each of these marketing techniques will drastically improve the visibility of your chiropractic office. If you have some other marketing tips that worked well for your chiropractic office, please feel free to share them below in the comments section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for a variety of other informative articles.




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