Setting Up Your Practice – The Benefit of Using a Dental Contractor vs. General Contractor

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When the owners of VIP Dental Lounge in Chicago were looking to set up their new dental practice, there were a lot of factors to consider. Dr. Lyuda already had nearly a decade of dentistry under her belt and was ready to set up the practice of which she has always dreamed. While designing one’s own practice from the ground up may seem like a large burden at first, it can also be hugely rewarding. It may even help save time and money in the long run as upgrade and maintenance costs will be reduced with a completely fresh start. Here are a few things you should think about if you’re looking to setting up your own dental practice:

Starting from Scratch Might Be Your Best Bet

Vivek Kinra, owner and office manager of VIP, mentioned that they had chosen to set up their dental practice in this particular space because it was the right price and was eligible for a Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) grant. The space wasn’t a dedicated dental practice in its previous life and needed to be repurposed. Chicago’s small business improvement grants incentivize people looking to open up businesses to consider areas that need a bit of revitalization While there are certain advantages that go along with buying an existing practice, Dr. Lyuda, felt that starting from scratch would be the best way to design the ideal office. In the case of VIP, this meant a customer-focused practice with a clean, minimal design aesthetic.

While repurposing old equipment may seem like a good way to save a few bucks, in the long run, old equipment may need to be updated and replaced over the years, and some things just might not fit into your design vision, or work with your unique workflow.

Dental Contractors Often Know Best

When you’re setting up a practice, there are a lot of smaller details— electricity, water supply and making sure everything is up to code — that might be missed by even a seasoned general contractor. Dental contractors may come at a high cost to your practice, but their input is truly invaluable. If you’re looking to cut costs, try working with a dental contractor for a few consultation sessions before working with their lower cost counterparts.

Find the Right Architect

When revamping an existing building, or even creating a new one, a contractor’s input only goes so far. There are a number of dental architects focused on creating functional medical offices that hit all the marks—taking into consideration where waterlines will go, how to set up the rooms for maximum functionality, and of course, how to make it all come together in an attractive way.

Look for an architect that has experience with dental or medical offices, as they’ll be able to merge the aesthetic vision with the demands of a functional office with all the right equipment. Communicate your desire for the space, as well as your expectations for how you want patients to feel in the space.

At the end of the day, finding the right people will help you make your dream a reality. Don’t cut corners when it comes to setting up your practice, as certain problems may arise shortly after you open shop. Rely on experts for key information, but don’t be afraid to take control, as you’ll want to get it right the first time.

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