Tips To Starting a Successful Therapy Practice

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Clineeds Profile: Debra Rosenstein, Psychologist, PhD, MFT

With the help of Clineeds, Dr. Rosenstein has built one of the most successful therapy practices in the United States. Here’s how you can do it too!

1. Referrals, Referrals and More Referrals

Build a constant stream of new referrals. Dr. Rosenstein was able to connect with a psychiatrist on Clineeds who was trying to rent out his office part-time. “Renting office space from a doctor was one of the best decisions of my life! Now, I have a constant stream of new referrals.”

2. Staying in Your Comfort Zone Can Spell Trouble for Your Business

Dr. Rosenstein practices part-time in Brooklyn and Upper East Side. By co-renting a couple of offices rather than working out of a single location, she significantly increases the reach of her practice while saving on costs and earning extra income. Through Clineeds, Dr. Rosenstein was able to find a therapy office to rent in the Upper East Side while also being able to rent out her Brooklyn office to a licensed social worker. “The rental income has been great!”

3. Don’t Forget, a Little Social Media Marketing Really Pays Off

Patients are internet savvy. “Believe it or not, your online ratings and social media presence both matter so don’t neglect this form of marketing. Start a blog. Post interesting articles. Advertise your patient testimonials!”

4. Diversify Your Payer Mix.

Mental health often gets the short stick when it comes to insurance reimbursements. “Be sure to diversify your payer mix, cash versus 3rd party insurance. Don’t under code for your services!”

5. When Renting, Make Sure You Find the Right Person

Renting space from a therapist that provides a similar type of service is not necessarily ideal. On Clineeds, Dr. Rosenstein was able to easily utilize a doctor’s office as a therapy suite.

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