What are some tips on listing practices for sale, office space for lease or equipment for sale?

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Here are some general guidelines that will help you achieve your goals!

  1. 1. Accurate descriptions and unique titles. Generally speaking, the more information, the better! For instance, when listing a medical office space for lease, be sure to include how many rooms are available, overall square footage, parking availability, utilities (included or excluded), lease terms (short versus long term leases), and other restrictions. When trying to sell a medical equipment, its always helpful to include whether the equipment is new or used, brand, model, shipping price, and accurate description. The listings that have most traffic are those with the best descriptions and unique titles!
  2. 2. Realistic price points. Take the time to explore other similar listings in your city to see how other healthcare professionals have priced their office space for rent. If you’re selling medical equipment, see how much the product costs “new” and price yourself competitively.
  3. 3. Pictures are key. Listings with clear, crisp pictures will always do better than those without. Take the time to include these with your listing.
  4. After you have created a listing, be sure to monitor your email frequently to make sure responses have not been filed under your SPAM folder.
  5. As always, listing is FREE! No contracts. No commitments. No transaction fees.

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