About Us

Clineeds provides flexibility.

Practice where you want, when you want.

With Clineeds, healthcare providers can find, lease and sell clinical space- and entire practices- all around the world.

Start a practice

Whether you’re a newly minted dentist or an experienced optometrist looking to start a practice in a new area, we can help you.

Find a Space

Clineeds works with all types of professionals- dentists, lab owners, physicians and countless others- to provide exactly what they need.   Whether you’re an individual chiropractor who needs just a single treatment room or a medical group looking to buy an entire office building, we can assist you at each point along the way.

Fill your space

If you’re a healthcare provider who wants to rent out a space, we can help optimize your online listing. And if you’re looking to sell your building or practice, Clineeds can provide access to our network of local expert consultants, lawyers and real estate professionals.

Search Practice Opportunities 

Find your dream job. With Clineeds, you can connect with healthcare recruiters and potential employers across the globe with a click of a button.

Buy and Sell Healthcare Equipment 

If you're a healthcare provider looking to buy or selll new or used medical equipment, start your search with Clineeds! Our listings include medical, dental, chiropractic, physical therapy and much, much more.