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Pro Vantage BioScan Meridian Stress Assessment and Stress Reduction Test Device


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Brand: BioScan

Condition: Used

Shipping: 50.00

Description: Device is like new & works well. System was over $16,000 new. BioScan comes w/ Meridian Stress Assessment & Stress Reduction Test packages.

-Nutritional testing featuring Standard Process products & others.
-Software combines Reinhold Voll's Theory of Conductance w/Hans Reckeweg's Chart of Homotoxicology.
- FDA cleared tool.
-Only takes 15-30 minutes.
-Measures galvanic skin response using a low current that's applied at specific Accupunture points to access meridians related to the body's 14 major systems & organs & plot the data on an easy to read chart.

The Meridian Stress Assessment unit (MSA) includes the following: BioScan unit, power supply & cord, USB cable, brass handmass w/cable, standard stylus w/suretouch tip, epic stylus w/suretouch tip, test plate & installation software.

The Stress Reduction Test (SRT) package includes the following: focus accessory, Bioconnect cable, alligator clips, ring electrode strips, laser pointer (red) 635nm power & installation software.

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