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Indian Remy Hair For Sale From Chandra Hair


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Brand: Chandra Hair

Model No: Remy Human Hair

Condition: New

Shipping: 0.00

Description: As we know, Indian hair is one of the most popular human hair in the current market, it is obtained directly from donors in India. Indian remy hair is actually the maximum range of individual hair on your current market, as it is assembled in a donor's head in such a way that the cuticle is not stripped, and aligned in the same direction from bottom to tip. goes. This hair is gathered from a donor into a ponytail - and does not contain a mixture of artificial fibers. Indian remy hair extensions are amazing and more natural, so that they look like a person's own hair. Indian remy human hair is versatile, naturally shiny. This can be achieved in many textures - for example straight, wavy or curly, and does not have to undergo rigorous chemical treatment to reach a particular style. The variety in Indian hair texture and its own naturally dark

Contact Person: Gael Fajron
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1514 546 6049

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