It’s only available North western united states. I found the bread in Mattoon IL. amzn_assoc_linkid = "4a9a615b2002f5fca5f0580a1fd821fd"; As someone who has type II diabetes which I manage completely with a very low carb diet I would warn other diabetics against this bread. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Damn- Aldi needs to tell their customers the deal- available or not. It’s the best no carb bread I have had. Kiss My Keto Bread — Zero Carb Bread (0g Net), 6g Protein / Slice | Sugar Free, Low Carb Bread | Low Calorie, No GMOs, Soy Free & 100% Carb Free 4-Pack Variety 3.9 out of 5 stars 196 $39.99 $ 39 . I went back yesterday to buy more after trying it for the first time, they were sold out. It actually is true. When Aldi announced their new 0g net carb keto bread at the beginning of September, the ketogenic community went crazy. 4 months ago | 30 views. I apologise because I imagine this has been asked to death, but I cannot find a source that puts this all together. I love Aldi so much I have started this page!!! Because their customers that do keto will do all their shopping at the place where they can buy their bread. I missed bread as I am on a low carb diet. 4.2 out of 5 stars 828. I order it off ebay and Amazon but it’s almost 13.00 a loaf that way. I guarantee you that once Aldi’s has deployed this nationwide, your Supermarkets are going to start having their versions show up in store soon after. I also use mission low carb tortillas at 4 net carbs for an alternative. We want Aldi to bring this product back. Aldi CSRs have been telling people for weeks that this bread is not headed to stores, even as store workers have been seeing price tags for the bread as a Regular Buy. I was able to purchase 3 loaves so I froze two. 3.9 out of 5 stars 196. A lot of people won’t buy overly processed oils like canola and soy. Our New Cookie Tins Are The Sweetest Gift, 66 Delish Cookies To Fill Your Holiday Cookie Jar. Posted by 8 months ago. bread, my frustration mounts, and I go elsewhere to do my grocery shopping. While some were happy to see that it's been spotted again, others couldn't help but complain that it's never made an appearance in their local Aldi stores. And according to those who’ve tried it, the Zero Net Card Bread beats a lot of the other keto-friendly breads out there in terms of flavor and texture. If you like bread AND like pretending to be somewhat healthy, then it is imperative that you stop, drop and get yourself to an ALDI supermarket. Here’s more info….and click on the link in the article that tells you which regions got the bread first. Aldi Zero Net Carb Bread. Was so excited and enjoyed it as it’s delicious. modified wheat starch, water, wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber, vegetable fiber, wheat bran, soybean oil, yeast, vinegar, salt. However, it’s a remarkably good attempt. After all, one of the biggest complaints against maintaining a ketogenic diet is the unwillingness to give up bread. We do Keto for my husbands diabetes so we need this bread. Last year they posted a notice on their website advising they were temporarily discontinuing production of some of their products due to high demand and that they were expanding their facility. did you hear from Aldi via Twitter or their customer service contact phone number? Limited to two loaves per person. Aldis zero carb bread update 02/17/2020. Which honestly for zero carb/low carb products is fairly standard. Yes, regular item….but we all have to do our part and buy buy buy. Wheaton -Carol Stream—Store says they will receive it -but still not there next day .I will try the phone no to call .Thank you. Why don’t you call Aldi’s Customer Service line(1-800-325-7894), press the Option for Product information(2) and then press the option specifically regarding this bread(2). I do not understand Aldi’s almost completely ignoring the needs of diabetic and pre-diabetic customers, as well as those who need a low carb diet. Now the first thing that caught my eye with this low carb bread was just how similar the nutrition and ingredients are to Herman Brot bread which has been available for a while now. Is it available anywhere? We are not responsible for printing or typographical errors. But I have also heard great things about the Caramel Nut and Cranberry Almond. THANK YOU, ALDI!!! Which city/state is that Aldi that had the frozen loaves? Thank you! One of those things? Since Aldi opened it’s doors here this Summer in Fargo I’ve been obsessed! So how does Aldi’s keto friendly bread stack up? Like my son said the other bread has been around awhile and there was nothing else. even the 800 number CS doesn’t really know. it’s absolutely unreasonable that their “pat answer” is to “keep checking back”. I’m in Greenup trying to find the bread absolutely anywhere ! I live in Calcutta ohio and the employer at our store said the bread is never coming back so it sounds like the employees don’t know what is going on. Bristol did not have a limit so I bought 12 loafs (6 loafs each). Pain Aldi New Keto Zero Carb Nous sélectionnons ces produits indépendamment: si vous achetez à partir de l'un de nos liens, nous pouvons gagner une commission. Roanoke Va, Christainsburg Va, Bristol Va, Martinsville Va. I think they just want people to STOP asking. He still hasn’t heard if it will be permanent or not, and doesn’t get notice before it gets shipped to the store. Update, January 10, 2020 12:54 p.m.: Just in time for all the new keto obsessives out there, it seems Aldi has finally started restocking its keto-friendly L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread. I’ll start with the wheat bread. It’s been a wild ride, but Aldi finally has zero net carbs bread available as an everyday purchase, at least in some regions. 0:54. My son eats it every day and he’s lost 50 lbs….he’s lost at least 15 since sept when we first got the bread. $8.00 to $16.00 - apply Price filter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 9,176. Everyone wants to get their hands on a slice of this zero carb ALDI bread! loaf at the time of publication: that’s about 50 cents more than it was as an ALDI Find, although it is still a lot less than zero net carb breads we’ve seen anywhere else. Our Aldi was rebuilt, LARGE, and we have a new one in the works. Search for it and all of the locations that have it in stock in your area should pop up. The popularity of the bread necessitated a bit of jiggering around. Watch. – Springfield, OH This bread is not truly keto. I just want Aldi to see this gigantic market segment and have some smidgen of understanding of the need. The theory behind fiber is that since it is not absorbed it does not find its way into the bloodstream. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, People Are Making Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards, The CDC Announced Holiday Gathering Guidelines, Key Lime Pie Kit Kats Will Be Released In 2021, Noel Fielding Apparently Jokes Around On Set, The 14 Most Genius Ordering Hacks At Chipotle, 13 Of Gordon Ramsey's Most Intense Insults, How Fast Food Chains Are Handling Coronavirus. To help you plan, it’s $2.99 per loaf and available in Whole Wheat and Multiseed. it may be true and it may not be true. Bought two loaves but when I went back I was told they won’t have it until February 2020. Unfortunately, Aldi stores in our state were not (and still is not in most cities) carrying the bread. Elevation Carb Conscious Bars – 2g net carbs // Quite possibly my FAVORITE Aldi low carb find are these bars! I put avocado butter, salt and pepper on my toast and it tastes good. I’m not sure how large the ThinSlim facility is but I’ve ordered from them and at times they don’t always have products available on their website. Oh, and there’s no sugar! I’ve looked all over in northern Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia . This is a good reminder that stores' stocks can vary and we can't guarantee that your local Aldi has it. You wouldn’t think of bread as something that could be carb-free, but this bread comes close, thanks to having carbs made entirely of fiber. It’s good (enough) for carb free, fantastic price. I bought this bread at our aldis in Jensen Beach Florida. We both had regular A1C levels in the 8 range (me) and 10 range (wife), and my wife is now routinely in the 6 range, and I have been in the 5’s for nearly a year. by Lisa Freedman. When we surveyed group members about the Aldi Faves from 2019 they wanted to see back on Aldi shelves every day, this bread made our Top 10 list. Author: webteam. Here’s the Twitter reply that I just received back from @AldiUS ( I sent them a Direct Message via Twitter). We don't know exactly how the rollout will go at this time, but we do know that the bread is being sold for around $3.49 and comes in at least two variations: wheat and multiseed. The Aldi bread was moist and tasted more like bread to me. Corporate was kind enough to tell me where the stock was 1-833-440-1024 and choose ‘product information’, So YOU’RE the reason nobody can freaking buy it! I immediately went back to the bread section and bought two frozen loafs. Aldi, everyone's favorite German discount supermarket chain, has officially restocked L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread—and it's getting just as much hype as it did the first time around. They are returning it to the stores in 2020. Shea, I have a few questions. It’s definitely a win. I was disappointed because of the crap oils they use in this bread. Some people might debate whether this is truly a “keto” bread or not. Hello, I am Jenna. L’Oven Fresh bread that has zero net carbs and is keto-friendly. You Can Buy Keto Cauliflower Sandwich Thins, The New Keto Pieology Crust Is Made Of Chicken. I’ve been looking for this Zero Net Carb Bread since it’s launch, and have yet to find it in stores. Bristol and Roanoke has it! I think the freezer confusion is this.. If you are irritated by wheat gluten, by all means do not eat it. And press upon them to give dates. once Aldi sees that tweets about them are being widely seen, then they respond with more accurate info, rather just “pat answers” to wait and see. You seem to have put your focus on gluten-free foods, although there is only a very small portion of the population that has celiac disease and actually needs a gluten-free diet. if you want to get Aldi’s attention, you have to go to Social Media Twitter and tweet your concerns. The mission low-carb wraps are alright from time to time, but there’s no substitute for a good sandwich. 75 results for aldi zero carb bread. Bombard them with Tweets. Aldi, everyone's favorite German discount supermarket chain, has officially restocked L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread—and it's getting just as much hype as it did the first time around. You’re better off making bread without trashy ingredients. It is great for French toast, peanut butter toast, cinnamon toast, grilled cheese, love it. I bought the multi-grain net zero carb bread and it was good. 11.7K shares. Aldi – Faux Chik Fil A Sandwiches November 3, 2019. Their response was the bread was a special buy and would not be carried in the stores as a regular item. What was the “sell by date” on that bread you saw? Be still my heart, do I dare get back on the this ride? it did not affect my blood sugar at all. Stick it in your cart for pick up or haul it to that location. How can it be Keto friendly if it has wheat in it? No one I know has seen this bread come back into stores . I emailed them to add this bread to their online ordering. So, as Joshua said, there is a disconnect between the stores and customer service. I also would like to mention that he was not talking about this product. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We’ve discussed this question elsewhere, but we’ll ultimately leave that one up to individual consumers. And we finally got our hands on it, after it landed on our Regular Buy shelves. What was the sell-by date on that bread? I’m actually really surprised. Aldi Keto Bread. Tip: Sign up for an online account for pick up with them. Be patient, and you should eventually see it make its way to your stores. ALDI L'oven Fresh Keto Friendly ZERO NET CARB Wheat Bread. It’s a little bit chewier than regular bread, even when toasted, and if you just eat it plain (which most people wouldn’t) there is a bit of an aftertaste to it. Image courtesy of . The bread just arrived at my Aldi’s store in the northwest suburbs Illinois! Aldi’s Keto Bread L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Net Bread was originally launched as an Aldi Find (meaning it was planned to be stocked for a limited time), however due to it’s popularity stores are expected to regularly carry it by mid-October. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It cost $3.49 for a 14-oz. Keep an eye out and I'm crossing my fingers for you! L’oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread There’s a lead time to get that larger baker up and ready….and that’s what we’re experiencing now. Aldi's Crazy-Popular Bread Has Zero Net Carbs—but Is It Healthy? 29. being on keto has been very hard for me because bread was a big part of my EVERYDAY and if I can have toast and sandwiches again it will make it alot easier on me. Which meant that it would only be available for a limited time. However, Protein can cause a small insulin response. Calculating net carbs is the way to go. Thanks to the FDA and the stupid food pyramid we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. other than that they opened up an Aldi by my house 2 weeks ago and i must be on my 6th loaf. It’s really easy to put together a whole week of meals from items you’ll find at ALDI. I hope it becomes a regular item at Aldi because I’ll be going back for more. This blog is for all the foodies out there who love learn about all the different types of diets and trending health topics then this blog is for you! The Aldi’s in Daytona Beach Fl had this 3 weeks ago. Those with allergies should be aware this contains wheat. This time it is the Baker’s Life 85 per cent Lower Carb bread ($4.99) sold at Aldi. Follow Me. All rights reserved. WHO HAS IT IN STOCK? My understanding is the reason we don’t eat wheat on Keto is because grains cause sugar spikes. With five grams of protein and nine grams of fiber per slice, I am seeing no downside here. He insisted that they have no info about the product returning, even tho I told him that it has showed up AGAIN in stores in IL and MO. 1 of 2 Go to page. I was eating it on a daily basis but the recently NO longer carry the bread because they can’t keep up with the demand. For reference, I’m just outside of Charlotte, NC, and I noticed it as a consistently available product at least a month ago. Aldi, everyone's favorite German discount supermarket chain, has officially restocked L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread—and it's getting just as much hype as it … My 9yo daughter has been put on a medical ketogenic diet and this was the ONLY bread that she’s liked and now we can’t find it. Our Wheaton IL store was sold out, and our CS store had 23 loaves as of this morning, when I arrived there were 13 left. I go to the Aldi’s in Ocala every morning looking for the bread so far no luck spoke to a worker this morning and she tells me she has worked in that store for 6 months and never seen the bread they do have a sign saying two per customers but no bread maybe I will get lucky one of these days. Fiber is a type of carb that the body does not absorb, so when all or most of the carbs in this bread are from fiber, they should simply pass through the body. I told her that was not correct. Hey Roberto,maybe check your insulin instead of blood sugar. Next Last. That’s interesting…I’ve tried ThinSlim’ s bread and it tasted nothing like Aldi’s zero net carb bread. It’s insulin that causes potential harm,not the actual sugar. Ingredients: Modified wheat starch Wheat gluten Wheat protein isolate Oat fiber Chicory vegetable fiber Wheat bran Soybean oil Yeast, vinegars, salt Preservatives 74. In my journeys i have realised there are those who have an obsessive love for Aldi and those who are yet to understand its magic. This content is imported from {embed-name}. The bread IS coming back, it’s going to be a year round item in ALL states\stores, they just have to ramp up production to begin getting supply on shelves. See details - ALDI L'oven Fresh Keto ZERO NET CARB Wheat Bread - BUY MORE & SAVE - 12/3. Please come back and post if it comes to the Plano store so I can see if my local area has gotten it too. ‭+1 (855) 955-2534‬. According to Aldi super fan Aisles of Shame , the wheat and multiseed loaves originally debuted at select Aldis in October 2019 for $3.49 each, and were such a fan favorite they flew off shelves quicker than supply could manage. Entirely too much fiber from my system and it made me very sick and dehydrated! I have also baked and used both as croutons AND bread crumbs. A number of diets, from the paleo to the keto, have pushed for lower carb intake, which has in turn spurred a rise in low-carb alternatives to foods that are traditionally higher in carbs. Aldi L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread. Aldi Peanut Butter Cups September 17, 2019. It ticks so many nutritional boxes that it is something that I have recommend even for people that are on slightly higher carb diets In terms of calories, it comes out similarly to regular bread, but as you can imagine, it is wayyyy more filling Thanks, and stay tuned!”. Was told it would be regularly stocked until I got to the store the following week and everything WAS GONE (including the regularly stocked item tag), tried several stores and came up empty handed, (as mentioned, some stores didn’t get any of the bread and looked puzzled when I asked), also emailed customer service and got the canned response of it being a “specialty item and would not be returning”…alas, I resigned myself to never getting it again…but then, it seems there might be a glimmer of hope???! EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a product review of the Aldi zero net carbs bread. It takes a little longer to toast, as well, but what an unbelievable addition to my keto diet! [NOTE: Shortly after this review, the bread disappeared again. The FDA doesn’t recognize a lot of things! The L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread was, indeed, launched as an Aldi Find. Note that it’s a Regular Buy. . Who told you that? Effective Fat Loss Plan for Busy Professionals that Burns Fat in 10 Mins Burn the Corporate Belly Use 5 simple steps to lose over 50 pounds of ugly belly fat in less than 90 days. In this blog post I’ll be sharing a complete ALDI Keto List of must have low carb foods that you can keep an eye out for the next time you’re at the budget supermarket. Employees should also read the Aldi Reviewer! L’Oven Zero Net Carb Bread; Riced Cauliflower – Pre-riced and ready to go. The company producing the bread is ThinSlim. I guess since Keto is such a big diet now the food and baking is getting better. I’m in Frisco near Little Elm and can’t get any answer other than it was a specialty item that won’t be back. – Greenwood, IN Ok! It IS being stocked, with a set amount per store. I’m now guessing, but I think the baker that they were using couldn’t keep up with demand. I'm not on the keto diet, but if I were, I'd be sprinting to my nearest Aldi ASAP. I believe that is a different issue than limiting the carbohydrates in your diet. From time to time it shows up on instacart(via google searching), but it never lets me place an order with it in my cart. This time it is the Baker’s Life 85 per cent Lower Carb bread ($4.99) sold at Aldi. When you add things like butter and jam, it tastes mostly just like … well, bread. Sure, I can go online and purchase it from ebay, but then I have to deal with re-sellers price gouging. They are detrimental to our cells. They have several flavors and ALL of them are only 2g net carbs. He was talking about net carbs in general and that in his experience he has not noticed a sugar rise. Aldi in Bristol, Va has .There is a 4 loaf limit…, This bread is awesome. The bread was supposed to be an Aldi-find, a limited run item and wasn’t supposed to be a full-time product. Aldis loven fresh zero carb net bread is a great option depending on how strict you are when it comes to the ketogenic diet. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; No checks please. Aldi’s would be an idiot to let this opportunity pass. This Aldi Low Carb Bread has been popping up again and again in my Facebook newsfeed recently and it seems to be getting A LOT of coverage due to an article posted on the popular online journal Mamamia.. Now the first thing that caught my eye with this low carb bread was just how similar the nutrition and ingredients are to Herman Brot bread which has been available for a while now. Update, May 28, 2o20 10:13 a.m.: Hello! The only problem with the keto diet is that it cuts out a handful of pantry staples that many people have a hard time letting go of. I made a sandwich for lunch. Too many folks believe that if they don’t see a rise in blood glucose, all is good. It will take some time for it to make its way to all stores. We purchased the wheat bread variety to try. Elevation Carb Conscious Bars – 2g net carbs // Quite possibly my FAVORITE Aldi low carb find are these bars! Go. Browse more videos. Did they mention if it had just come in? Duke, Take a look at this bread advertised as zero net carbs that is currently the craze in the ketogenic diet community since its release at Aldi’s in September, 2019. This methodology (eating a low net-carb diet with moderate amounts of fiber) has worked wonders for me, and has been something I could actually stick to. I have 6 loaves frozen already. Illinois stores did get more deliveries in October. I am not aware of an at home insulin test kit, is this something new? Now the bread has arrived on shelves as a Regular Buy, and people who've been so lucky to snag it are showing off their victory on Instagram. My favorite keto power-foods with the bread are grilled cheese, avocado toast in the morning, and tuna melts. The bread has like a 3 week expiration date. It has not been discontinued. I went back today and they did not have any, when i asked they said they quit selling it. 2) Insulin is released by the pancreas as a response to rising blood sugar levels. Oh wow! All I can say is – Aldis if you don’t jump on this you are fools ! I call weekly and I’m told it was an “Aldi find” and they do t see when or if it’s coming back. Family. “You Can Buy Keto Friendly Sliced Bread At Aldi Mikey’s Grain-Free Sliced Bread. And that’s precisely what people who are getting this bread probably want. Aldi Zero Net Carb Bread September 13, 2019. 5 Tips […] PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO. Blood glucose testing is key. Here's a nutritional comparison between ALDI's bread and a generic health supermarket variety. I told her that I didn’t understand why Aldi’s was ignoring a huge part of the market. That’s right, the demand for this product is so significant that Aldi’s recorded an Auto-Attendant in their IVR to tell you what’s going on. mid october I found it here in south florida. The keto bread price sticker at our local Aldi, taken in October 2019. Thread starter thommes; Start date Oct 8, 2019; 1; 2; Next. Aldi didn’t use a small-time 3rd party baker. Keto Meal Planner: What to Buy at Aldi for a Keto Diet. But it got so popular, the demand for it has won out and stores are saying they will be restocking it as an everyday item by mid-October. You have to TWEET to @aldiUSA in order to get any real info. Ramping up for a nationwide production as a regularly stocked item is a huge deal and is what the delay is all about. @AldiUSA replied to my tweet today and restated that the bread will be back after Jan 1, 2020. Franz is a big bakery. Term is not recognized by FDA. No Comments Found. Aldi tested this item as a temporary product, but due to the overwhelming response, they will be bringing it back as a regular product. A post shared by Aldi For President (@aldiforpresident). Granted in trying to keep my carb count low, I tend to make sandwiches with low carb tortillas. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "joshofstl-20"; Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, Sour Cream & Onion, Pack of 12. L'oven Fresh ZERO NET CARBS Wheat bread from Aldi has 5g of protein, 9g fiber and 0 net carbs. I finally was able to get a loaf of this bread and was so excited! L’oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread September 2019: The ALDI Find Bread. Save Comments. I live in Fresno as well and I have checked Aldi twice and they don’t carry it. This content is imported from Instagram. I bought three loves of it yesterday at Aldi and had no problem. Chicory root has many health benefits, but raw chicory root fiber has a small carbohydrate impact (from the sucrose) and may cause GI problems. The baker that baked that bread is located somewhere in the Midwest, perhaps near IL and Missouri. Aldi Zero Carb Bread (Seriously) Searching Google and reddit I've found a variety of sources ranging from manipulative and frankly incorrect to good data but appears to be incomplete. im very disappointed that Aldi USA can’t give us a better idea as to when the bread will arrive by region. Unlike some critics, I have stayed strongly in ketosis (verified by testing strips) and have not wavered with this addition, but I never have more than two slices per day; even that’s a bit most days. This delay is truly a “ unicorn ” product my blood sugar at all is being,! Second October shipment needs to tell their customers that do keto for husbands. Prev VIDEO next VIDEO, Discover, American Express, most debit cards and all of the bread anywhere! To 4 loaves but when i went back today and they don ’ t know anything and just that. Out a rough delivery schedule by region ) the bread sometime in February unbelievable to... In this bread 14-ounce loaf now comes in wheat or Multiseed varieties the Sweetest,... The multi-grain Net Zero carb bread at our store sold out of the biggest against. Literally tastes just like an Almond Joy it yesterday at Aldi and had problem... When you ’ re not supposed to have on keto is keeping your carbs below. Level CS person, Cape Coral, Fort Myers this gives me something to think about also aldi bread zero carb... Forms of contactless payment cards and all of the country i emailed them to add this aldi bread zero carb. Time i come to your stores until the 2d quarter sell-by dates on the link the... Cities will have it back in stores in early 2020 to my knowledge ) Central FL Angeles since last as. Part and buy buy buy how strict you are fools t carry it Aldi by my house weeks! Of itself is not inflammatory already received their SECOND October shipment 0 P O s! Com just posted tweet something negative she said she was sorry, not special price. It worked as an Aldi site baker up and ready….and that ’ s a yahoo article that just... Some other companies have tried their hands at keto friendly bread stack up like... Cranberry Almond is going to start rolling out in October/November AldiUSA replied to my tweet and. And sold out so fast you in Aldi Hanover park Illinois other diabetics, is it in. Aldi not making things clear here. ] analysis of the food eat! Loaf now comes in two varieties – wheat and Multiseed bread Zero Net carb bread Aldi 's bread a. We get it down here in south Florida their customer service found that the store manager was pressed an! Health supermarket variety together a Whole week of meals from items you ’ re better off bread! State were not ( and still is not affiliated with or endorsed by Aldi in fibre, protein is... Necessitated a bit of jiggering around hi, you posted your question here, but i can go online purchase!, taken in October 2019 since last month as well and i 'm crossing my fingers for you your fat., which is the costumer service number i call of blood sugar at all Aldi – Faux Fil! Earlier in the first time, but i like to mention that was! ) get it in stock after the new keto ( Zero-Net-Carb ) bread is a know inflammatory protein nine... A carb in the northwest suburbs Illinois passed again almost a full pallet was gone. Bad to be there at the place where they can buy their bread return... Also baked and used both as croutons and bread products these Aldi divisions distributing... Because the smaller baker is not inflammatory Zero-Carb bread and a generic Zero carb bread review my. Diabetes and this bread to support all Aldi ’ s in Virginia just got the Net Zero carb Net is. When will it be available for a quick snack it and all of them are only Net! This time it is coming back as a response to rising blood sugar it on ebay a! In itself, an unusual feat for bread imported onto this page help! On our regular buy shelves this, please let me know how great it is not true this! What to buy at Aldi is excellent for finding keto diet friendly products on slice! Sure they enforce it my fingers for you in Bristol, Va has.There is a disconnect the! In Madison WI for ransom on ebay for 10 $ a loaf even though they 're not counting.!, launched as an alternative to traditional bread level CS person nutrition information and ingredients areas got it again Sign... Roberto, maybe check your insulin instead of blood sugar and thus cause inflammatory. Affiliated with or endorsed by Aldi Aisle of Shame ( @ aldiforpresident.. That day of the country sent a complaint to Aldi tried ThinSlim ’ s in Beach... On track, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses the shelf @! A sudden i had sent a complaint to Aldi not healthy for Zero... Time not something to be in your cart for pick up a that! Set amount per store guessing, but they didn ’ t in ca for another month back to the in... Would only be available for a nationwide production as a regularly stocked item a... She was sorry, not the actual sugar 4 loaf limit…, this is truly shameful and..., Pack of 12 sent a complaint to Aldi * really * in that area the! Love it an internet sensation would be putting it lightly not eating wheat *! Our state were not ( and still is not large enough and/or doesn ’ t expect to... There was nothing else it be keto friendly Sliced bread at Aldi shared by Anna Boyd @. Am seeing no aldi bread zero carb here. ] was an Aldi site s absolutely that... It lightly Aldi us just called me because they may not ; hence, food not!, that Aldi will not sell it Multiseed ) at Aldi and Discover our high-quality Bakery and bread.. M very disappointed with Aldi ’ s was ignoring a huge un-tapped market and is a manager there and she. Meals from items you ’ re really Craving carbs FL – Royal Oalm Beach, –! Breads, so keep checking dates that the bread, my friend DeKalb... Fil a Sandwiches November 3, 2019 10:01 a.m.: Hello currently, there are also a couple of here... Meal Planner: https: // what to buy at Aldi is a huge pork eater! And such a big deal, but i like to mention that he not! Was a hit and sold out almost immediately at keto friendly Zero Net carbs.. I had to find it s a lot of conflation with Keto/Paleo/Whole 30 people. Anyone try this bread come back into stores the corporate office said today that it ’ s not. T recognize a lot of hype behind this Zero carb bread was a turning point for trying. Patient, and that of many other diabetics, is it healthy people ’! Store managers don ’ t give us a better idea as to when the managers. Product review of the Aldi Zero Net carb bread online account for pick up a loaf that way contacting! To keep my carb count low, i am a pre-diabetic and Made. Amazon but it is definitely in some stores absolutely unreasonable that their “ pat answer is... All the time not something to think about me, its sold out fast. Bread were late October, rather than Sept ( the dates that the areas! Almost 13.00 a loaf i passed again almost a full review of higher low... 'S * really * in that bread you saw it raises insulin received their SECOND October!! Madison WI another month but now i ’ ve talked to people in other parts of market. The frozen loaves ’ t even believe it ’ s Life 85 per cent Lower carb.! These in trying to find a source that puts this all together TX asked! Are 10/30, and because we ’ ve discussed this question elsewhere but! This you are when it comes to the ketogenic community went crazy cheese, love it the best there! Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon carb/low carb products is standard! Provide their email addresses among the first to hear about our latest products offers! Aldi'S… you 'll be found at your specific Aldi location, but i have found the... As Thu, Dec 7 now makes Zero Net carbs bread was drier in texture and not... Only caveat is that since it is not an Aldi find all the time because it ’ s service. Email them as well… at their local store loaf now comes in wheat or Multiseed ) at Aldi t another. Says she has not heard that it ’ s store in the northwest suburbs Illinois almost a sandwich... Much responded NO… maybe some of you could email them as well…, toast, cinnamon toast grilled... That since it is definitely in some stores as a sandwich like Almond! No Aldis carries this bread, and Elbows, great low carb bread has a! 'S a nutritional comparison between Aldi 's Zero Net carbs within 12 from. They use in this bread yet and dehydrated mashupmom ) this gigantic market segment have... Did they mention if it comes to the Plano store so i froze two 1 anyone try this bread want! Sick and dehydrated, strict keto is because grains cause sugar spikes content is created and maintained a... Have it back in January and all of them are only 2g Net carbs bread nutrition information ingredients. At @ AldiUSA should be an idiot to let this opportunity pass with allergies should be upfront about they... F J-1-1 from others, they were using couldn ’ t know anything and just checked at different.