Among the FOUR products - 3-products - FERN-C, FERN i-flex and FERNCoffee Attainined the Superbrands Status for 2012! THE COMPENSATION DEEPLY RELIES ON THE NUMBER OF PERSONS JOINING AND NOT MERELY ON A SINGLE BOTTLE SOLD.5. There are actually far more better ones in the market. These poor people only earn coins while the top of the pyramid is sitting pretty waiting for commision they getting from there downlines. Kung nakaorder ka naman, di mo malalan kung kelan idedeliber sayo.Kung scam si ifern. The aim is to provide honest and fair platform for everyone to share and receive quality information. This is another newly launched company, just July this year, spear headed by Mr. Gary C. Norman, a popular per... UNO Philipppines Networking, Scam or Not? Buy Fern C 568.18 mg Capsule - 30s Online at Southstar Drug Free Shipping for Orders Over ₱1,499 Now Serving Orders Nationwide Order Now! Wala bang one account Lang magka 5 million na? REGARDING SA ISSUE NA LAHAT NANG MGA TAO SA PINAS NAARAWAN PLEASE CONSIDER THOSE WHO ARE WORKING SA BPO INDUSTRY THEY SLEEP IN THE MORNING AND WORK AT NIGHT. D from d sun and thats very much true,.. but come to think of it we could only get good vit d from 6am till 8 am and sometimes 7 is too hot already,..would you stay under the sun that long plus we stay indoors all the time due to work,.. plus it is a fact that in our country alone Filipinos are Vit D deficient meaning we have a weak immune system which Vit D enhances,.. Well. for your info the projected sale of FERN D vitamins for this whole year is now sold out. They'd tell you that they're no different from the branded (popular) one. Sali ka na. Di ko alintana ang pagod sa byahe at layo ng office.Natuwa nga ako na may online RBA na at napapanood na rin ng mga kapitbahay ko. I was referring to the doctors comment about vit c and not above how the individual distributors handles their business. And by the way, 2 of my siblings, 1 aunt and 1 in-law have the same problem on their orders. I initially paid a substantial amount for the package and almost 2 months ago, I reordered the products. I respect your opinion. You misunderstood and that comment is something to be posted of someone who knew little and unacquainted that will lead to ignorance. com , he should be able to help you. Marami talagang papansin na blogger sa mundo. Maybe, people will experiece hardships before getting to the top right? Ifern companyu is like some of other big MLM company. For premenopausal woman, they have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure if they have a lack of the vitamin in their system. Now High Potency Vitamin D3 1000 IU 180 Softgels, Vitamin D3 5000 IU for Healthy Muscle Function ★ Bone Health and Immune Support ★ Skin Cell Growth Repair and Metabolism ★ Potent Antioxidant ★ Gluten Free ★ Non-GMO ★ Al Natural 90 Veggie Capsules, Caltrate Plus Vitamin D3+Calcium 30 Tablets, i-fern Fern-D Cholecaliciferol (Vitamin D3), Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3 2000 I.U 600Softgels, I-Fern Fern D Vitamin D Supplement Bundle (60+120 Softgel Capsules), Calciumade Calcium + Vitamin D3 + Minerals 100 Tablets, Nature Made Vitamin D3 - Supports Bone, Teeth & Muscle Health 1000 Iu (25 Mcg)X 650 Softgels, Life Extension On Hand, , Vitamin D3, 25 Mcg (1,000 Iu), 250 Softgels, Kirkland Signature Signature Calcium 600 Mg With Vitamin D3 For Strong Bones And Teeth+ Vitamin D Assists, Uno Vitalife Zinc With Vitamin D, Probiotic And Prebiotic, Kirkland Signature Calcium 600Mg With Vitamin D3 500Tablets, Kirkland Signature (Alternative To Caltrate) Signature Calcium Citrate With Vitamin D3 500 Tablets (Exp 03/23), I-Fern Fern-D 60 capsule Vitamin to Boost Immune System to fight against Corona Virus, Kirkland Signature Usa Calcium With Vitamin D3 600Mg, Nature's Way , Vitamin D3, 5000 Iu, 240 Softgels, Life Extension Vitamin D3, 5000 Iu, 60 Softgels, 60Ct (Package May Vary), Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3 50 Mg Exp. D?At saka po, sa tingin ko lang ha, kulang pa po ang research nyo, di naman kasi to aaprubahan ng FDA kung alam nilang may negative effect to sa tao. And you are now judging my life to be very negative just because I expressed my OPINION and COMMENTS with that company. These are available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide including Watsons and South Star. Is there a product?- YES ABSOLUTELY!2. The safe upper limit of intake is set at 4000 IU/day. THAT'S NORMAL NAMAN. anyway just be good to others. Just an honest thought and opinion! the only difference is the product that they are selling, why only Ifern, why don't you study aim global, usana, and other MLM company, are you a member on one of these that's why you are destroying credibility of IFERN because it's now a fast growing MLM company in the phils. I joined iFern, first and foremost, to be able to easily get the vitamins locally for my family's personal consumption and to avail of distributor's price. Supplements (vitamins) are just expensive urine according to doctors in Us and Canada. This explains why people with lower levels of the vitamin have to endure physical fatigue. Is there a compelling reason to buy?-FOR ME, EITHER A USER OR A PERSON WHO WILL DO THE BUSINESS, NO.IF U WANT TO BE A "USER" OF THE PRODUCT ONLY, DI BA DAPAT PAG NAGMEMBER KA AT BUMILI NG PACKAGE EH DISCOUNTED N UN KC BULK UNG BINILI MO PERO HINDI GANUN EH. kaya hindi kayo naasenso puro kayo siraan. Address. Kung hindi sila covered ng BIR then hindi sila puwedeng mag operate sa Pilipinias at baka dati eh pinahuli na sila sa mga authority kung hindi sila covered ng BIR. Hinahanapan mo ng negativity ang i-fern. Most of the vitamins are unavailable except for fernD that you can order for limited number of bottles (1 bottle only for 120's and maximum of 5 for 60's) My point is, imagine the amount of money they got for paid orders that they cannot deliver for several months. Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength Probiotic Capsules 10 Strains Reviews Can we do that? In a phone interview, DOH–Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases Program Manager Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy said the public should be wary of the usual problems emerging from high temperature especially heat stroke.HEAT STROKE occurs when the body overheats due to hot and humid weather and TOO MUCH DIRECT EXPOSURE TO THE SUN and can’t cool down through sweat. Wla oa rin orders ko. Pweh! E tanga ka pala e, bakit naman ako Maniniwala sa driver at dating isang tambay sa kanto. Why?1st he has no basis on this by the time this post was made.2nd it is already proven that the i-fern earning system and products are effective. Nagsipag orderan sila sa akin. Mushroom? Among the FOUR products - 3-products - FERN-C, FERN i-flex and FERNCoffee Attainined the Superbrands Status for 2012! From the word emerging which means evolving, to rise and become manifest. tanga mo naman. Everything depends in the testimonies of people like if they like fern products because its effective or they don't like it. Ayusin mo muna buhay mo bago ka manira ng iba. Of course, normal naman na kapag may produkto kang binebenta eh ippromote mo yun. The blood and any organs in the body regulates its own PH levels. I am a renal doctor by profession. Here we are talking about light. If someone were to sell you incomplete drugs you will need to be paid and multiple paperworks will have to be written, due to it maybe being dangerous so don't call it not complete, call it a dangerous drug that may or may not kill people ! AND EVEN IF I SOLD THEM ALL, IT WILL ONLY COMPRISE 92% OF MY INVESTMENT BECAUSE WHEN U BUY THE P23,625 WORTH OF PACKAGE AND SOLD ALL THE PRODUCTS AT RETAIL, YOU WILL ONLY GET 92%. Which is better Pepsi or Coca-Cola?ANSWER THE POLL and you could win a prepaid VISA gift card! Sa mga nagsabing nakakagaling sya ng cancer, gusto kong makilala kung sino yung napagaling. Hello... You English carabao little munchkin, I like your opinion and all but, let's analyze your work,"may target market" TARGET MARKET ? MERON SA POLICIES AND PROCEDURES NG I-FERN NA PWDE IBALIK YUNG DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. You are talking about the benefits of vitamin C. That is very far from the issue above. In just our group chat, several members are complaining about their undelivered orders too. i-fern scam. Kaya nga nagpa member nalang Ako,malaki kasi ang masi-save eh then ginawa ko ng sideline. You can evaluat and check out on that. As I know, it lowers the RISK of having cancer like any other vitamins naman, kapag may enough supply ka ng vitamins, chances are you will be healthy and prevent yourself from getting sick. About naman sa big market ng FERN-D, don't you realize even before magkaron ng FERN-D eh may vitamin D supplements na rin na mabibili outside the country? But if the answer is NO, then there is a high probability that it is a pyramid scam. However, FERN-D has the highest dosage which is 1000 I.U. It is even now the Official Vitamin Sponsor of PBA.Fern C started out in the network marketing business but NOW it is officially distributed to every PHARMACEUTICAL STORES NATIONWIDE. If it is proven that the supplies of I-Fern comes from there then I will not doubt. It's made from cow's milk, of course wala na dito yung fats na nasa drinking milk.Fern Activ is not complete but it's more potent. Usually 10 years life Ng binary. Please check if they're a member of a direct selling association. It is also beneficial for the recovery of any form of exercise and day-to-day activities. It is a singular source of 7 minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron and Copper) optimally balanced to build bone strength and maintain bone health. safe pa sya. Kung paano yayaman! haha.. Then the name should now be changed into "MilkCol"..haha.. >I agree COLOSTRUM is essential for infants growth and development that is why it is available "FREE" in mothers breast milk. ung mga nasa call center! BUT UNTIL THEN, YOU NEED VITAMIN D. 2) FIND ME ANY CAPSULE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT HAS COLOSTRUM MILK. You dont have to join an MLM or spend your hard earned money for ridiculously priced items. On the other hand, SilverFresh doesn't contain harmful ingredients such as Triclosan, Parabens and Fluoride.5. Im confused, you told me:"and as for the heat stroke its not about vitamin D is about exposure to the sun. habang binabasa ko ung thread nato, mas lalo kong narerealize how legit ifern is..from 2012 maraming doubtful sa ifern, but look, 2020 na ngaun but the company is soaring dito sa lugar namin pioneering palang sya. Please read this It is important to keep those levels optimized if you want to ensure healthy aging. ImmunPro is a nutritional supplement used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin C and zinc deficiencies. There are no inhibitions..All comments will be published but just two rules..1. make sure what you write is related to the article.2. Our bodies absorb raw, natural food better than processed or synthetic products. Tska sythetic medicine yan anong all natural wag patawa. Nagkita lang sa Internet ng Vitamin D na naconnect sa corona virus naipost agad kasama yung product nila. Kami kasi lahat gumagamit na... yung father-in-law ko na mataas ang sugar, bumaba na plus nawala yung parang sambol sa mata nya.. yung baby ko, gumaling din dahil dyan. Fern-C Vitamin Sodium Ascorbate Capsule Review Fern-C is one of the most popular vitamin supplement ever introduced in an MLM business company. Available in Shopee ₱ 273.00 ₱ 390.00 Go to Shop. Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm Address Km. Kung gusto natin malaman ang true story sa nireresearch nating direct selling company eh we should experience paano pumasok sa circle of life ng ibina blog natin para hindi po tayo timawa. May Mabibili Bang FERN-D sa MERCURY DRUG o mga kilalang Drugstore? yes you can earn money but it wasnt that stable. There are products on the market that are intended for feminine hygiene, although douching is not recommended because it eliminates helpful bacteria and leaves a woman susceptible to infections by yeast and harmful bacteria. Hahahah! ... Fern C Fern-D 120 Softgel Capsules ₱ 1,000.00 : Shopee : I-Fern Fern D Vitamin D Supplement Bundle (60+120 Softgel Capsules) ₱ 1,489.00 : Lazada : Nature's Way , Vitamin D3, 5000 Iu, 240 Softgels ₱ 1,087.00 : Shopee : I-fern is not my life. Alam ko yan ganyan scheme. Wag kayo hibang nayaman sa networking talaga ay yung nasa top hahhha! Oh, you mean the foolish and the gullible now then, let's talk about food vs supplements and how easily tricked people who are desperate to lose weight I'm actually near obesity due to me not having control of the foods I can eat in school which mostly sells high sugar and carbs food, and I thought of not eating will fix it but stopped immediately when I watched a lot of support videos warning not to do that, my mind was easily controlled by what I watch, my spirit was chained by a marionnette hidden inside my brain, it's also my own fault due to me being lazy but I'm starting to plan my life out so yeah...That finished let's go to foods vs supplements, if you were to search and ask around only a small amounts of supplements that actually work, and most of them are HOORRRIIIBBBLLLEEE rarely even giving you medium amounts of vitamins, while food, food is more healthy and when it comes to diets its much much MUCH more safe to research maybe your in a keto diet which you eats little to no amount of carbs high amounts of fat and small amounts of protein then search around to get what vitamins you want and need examples being the little amount of bit c you can only get in said diet, but if you search you could actually get it from fish roe and eggs, calcium then some milk, etcWhile you holy Grail filled with nutritionless nutrion supplements are just that, a thing people use to trick others, but I'm not saying all of them are bad what I'm saying is that it's cheaper and way more healthier to eat food rather than drink these rocks, also if your complaining that you keep getting bad QuAlItY food, where do you buy it and why would you pick bad QuAlItY foods rather than pick it, and even if there aren't and the high quality food is expensive well do you know what's more expensive than said foods, your golden little pills, yeah it may look good but inside rocks are more healthyAhh yeah... Fern D... Maybe you already have a low iron nose bleed due to me speaking in English but let's start shall we ?First things first, are you stupid, why would you waste money to just see your damn vitamin d, you could search the effects of low vitamin d and you will find out that you HAVE low vitamin d, Prt 2Second things second, go to the damn beach, have fun and socialise, go to the park in your break, wear some sunscreen and you'll easily get vitamin d, too weak due to eating supplements like a damn addict sniffing cocaine due to depression ? Hey guys! She sells this product to us and we all tried and tested it. It is not exactlyn from the sunlight. Aim Global Inc, Scam or not? So, kung ikaw po ang tatanungin. want to express my humble opinion, yung mga products po,hindi naman talaga para sa lahat, may target market ang company, and dun sila naka focus, anyway, about foods, hindi na ganon kaganda ang quality ng mga nabibili natin that's why supplements play an important role. LAHAT NG MGA PRODUCTS NILA YANG FERN-ACTIV, MILKCA, FERN-D AND AURORA NA CNCLAIM NILA NA FDA APPROVED AY HINDI PALA FDA APPROVED KAYA NGA HINDI NILA MAUPLOAD UPLOAD ANG MGA PAPERS AND LEGALITIES SA WEBSITE NILA. Used as dietary supplements. Member din kami ng DSAP. Bill Gates and other renowned business man is sitting pretty though not totally and they let other work for them.Hiring intelligent and capable people and just pay them. Hahaha! Hey guys, i joined ifern because of personal health issues, namely arthritis which i acquired starting at the age of 32. and as for the heat stroke its not about vitamin D is about exposure to the sun. The rest of the nutrients that our bodies can't absorb goes to waste (urine or poop). As far as i know for us to benefit from the sun's rays (vit d) you have to expose yourself naked under the heat if the sun. still allergic? When our skin is exposed to bright sunlight, we produce vitamin D and as the levels rise in our body, it activates the production of leptin. If not the company itself will not last long and will face cases in the trial court because of that. After building the market of users ilalagay nila sa Mercury drug yung fern c. I'm currently listening to their training she kept on talking about signing up 31 heads. If you are a full-time employee who have no other source of income but your monthly salary, it's not recommended that you do the business if your purpose is to become a millionaire. MANGLOLOKO YANG I-FERN!!!!!! I have heard about this product from a distant relative. Have you heard of tuna? now your telling us it is a COLOSTRUM substitute? do you know that when a woman reaches the age of menopause she'll be needing calcium at the same time vit D for better absorption of calcium. Kaya hindi kayo umuunlad kasi you do not see the opportunity! Study the business. Based on your experiences as an i-FERN distributor. dba sabi my tax pa cla...ehhhh san nila pinupunta ehh d naman cla covered ng BiR....HAHAHAHA KALOKOHAN...... MLMs are covered by BIR ruling. D. Di naman tayo pioneer nun noh. Peoples review on the latest and hottest earning opportunity hypes, With the insufficient levels of vitamin D in the system, it is linked to worsening lung function and affected smokers even more. It is in our initiative and common sense to know the basic that all of the business in the Philippines the are distributed nationwide has a responsibility of paying taxes. That twenty people they recruited are the there downlines. no need to bad mouth. Also, the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun among Filipinos are rare. Below are some of the misconceptions, myths, and hypes that i-fern distributors are sharing online:1. Damn them for deceiving people! Fern-C Philippines: Products Focusing on Your Health and Wellness Fern-C a Filipino owned company has been producing high-grade health and wellness products for individuals. adults are capable to eat wide variety of foods to supplement their bodies needs.3&4. Kaysa kung kayni kanino MLM drugs is like one of the worst out there when it comes to this type of business at least yung iba nanakawan ka lang ito lalasunin ka pa! I am already a distributor now, and every single individual i happened to share this fern benefits has nver returned with negative feedbacks. Nadali ako...Haha... 450pesos ang bottle ng FERN D and it has 60soft gels pa hindi ka member...250pesos if distributor ka... 7990 nag pala ang registration...For me it's sulit... hindi nakakatakot inumin, it's organic-based. Worth it bang sumali sa i-FERN? THEY ALSO HAVE THE INVESTOR TYPE PROPOSAL WHEREIN THE PROSPECT WILL BUY 21PREMIUMS WHICH IS WORTH ALMOST HALF-MILLION. sino na po yumaman dito dahil sa i-fern ? FERN, Inc. is a no-frills company that believes in […] :))"Now your telling me it make sense? anyway i'm not selling vit D nor taking vit D, i havent have any symptoms of vit D deficiency. Lucky you cause you dont have such disorder! still allergic? Three words, idiotic but realisticNow let's see..., Did you know bit d could easily get by eating fish ?, And what do you mean countries that has little to no sun, what are you fucking stupid, guess the Philippines only has sun and not other countries, did you also know cancer is caused by mutations which cells who don't want to die appears corrupting other cells which then grew to tumors and whatnot. May Mabibili Bang FERN-D sa MERCURY DRUG o mga kilalang Drugstore? She sells this product to us and we all tried and tested it. prove that with their existing products they can help other people succeed in their network marketing business. Optimize your health with other supplements like vitamin E, vitamin C, multivitamins, and vitamin B12. BINABAWASAN NILA KITA NG MGA MEMBERS NG TAX SO IT'S ONLY PROPER NA IREMIT NILA YUN SA BIR IN THE NAME OF THE MEMBER. kindly prove it using numbers.. hahaha..>tell that to the people who love summer, to the people who loves the beach, and let me introduce to you the word SUN-BATHING, sorry I dont have numbers to prove it exist.. haha..2. Heat stroke is caused by heat, temperature. Cul de Sac, West Service Road, Sun Valley, Parañaque City, Philippines 1700 haha.. what an excuse..Yes, I agree, the one who mentioned heat stroke dont have comprehension. Fern-c, her arthritis was gone. Intake in the range of 40,000–100,000 IU/day (10-25 times the recommended upper limit) has been linked with toxicity in humans.2. po ang link, for ur info. FERN,Inc is member of DSAP - (Direct Selling Association of the Philippines). Yes, no bias and regarding the tax in BIR. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to update the prices on our website in real-time. Until now there is no update as to when it will be delivered. When you eat your food it is always acidic in the stomach and alkaline in the intestines. unfortunately for you, you have too many excuses, I mean complications, (lol)which we never know if its true.. hehe.. There only job is to recruit more. Kala ko internationally known siya, I can't find any decent reviews, their website is a 1 page poster with no information at all. Bakit in the first place magiging fda approved yang mga products kung alam nilang ikakapahamak ng tao? ^sure kasi bf ko takes non-acidic vit c lang e, kaya pag ako buy ng vit c niya, bewell-c ang binibigay sakin sa mercury. no comment na po. Is there a reasonable product return policy?-WHICH IS WHICH? Lactezin is the first registered oral over-the-counter anti-acne drug in the Philippines. !Well if that's the case then the downlines should better work also in order for them to sit pretty like the top. let me be clear on "If you are only a user, it's not recommended that you buy a package because it's not the value of the money you pay for." wag ka na mag react d ka nman sasali dba? Speaking of those diseases, kaya lang naman WALANG nakasulat na NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIM un kc nga nkakatreat xa ng Vit. Click here and read about the surprising benefits of this supplement. So good luck! yung fern-d kelangan ba dito sa pinas, meron ba ditong tao sa pinas na hindi naarawan. As a blogger dapat kung may topic tayo na gusto ilahad make sure na hindi ito sana bias. Its a bait so better think twice. Nothing against her job but im just saying? Get ready to recruit again after 10 years. Do products have fair market value?-YES YES!!!8. Very unlucky me indeed. Local Online Groceries and Drugstore in the Philippines. These Pharmaceutical drugstores initiatively reached out to the company. ^_^. FERN-D is the ONLY Vitamin D listed in the Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory (PPD) - FALSEFERN-D is just one of the Vitamin D listed in the PPD 19e. Egg yolks? I’ve become a member for Fern-C and the perks that goes along with it are, instead of buying Fern-C … 14 Edison St. cor. Oh right chemicals that they use to turn this vitamins into capsules or pills Also "nasa drinking milk" what else do you do to milk, f-ing snort itFern active is not complete... Are you serious ? Theyre not deceiving people actually. The Generics Pharmacy has over 2,000 branches nationwide that offers high quality and affordable medication. For your information Miss Ashlee Wilson before posting such conclusive comments, why don't you do a little research? NONE WAS INDICATED IN I-FERN'S P&P.7. Yun lang un. and the best time to expose our body is earlier than 7:00am. ngayong may corona virus,wag na wag kaung bumili ng fern-d at fern-c ha...baka ma budol budol pa kau ng ifern. So, what's the difference in your statement? EWAN KO LANG KUNG MAY NAKAGAWA NA NYAN SA I-FERN. There is nothing more healthier than getting it the natural way. Scam ang i-fern ang dami na niyang napaniwala sa retirement pero anong nangyari sa fern-c namin nuon biglang inilabas sa market nawalan kami ng kita bigla pinutol ng i-fern ang pagnetwork. Baka magulat ka pa sa malalaman mo. If you write about the blinding flash of lightning, definitely the deafening loudness of thunder is out of topic. Vit D is in our body and it need to activate from the sunlight. In my opinion, your opinion is nonsense. Even this thread is a joke! But totally not. He did not know I am a doctor and I do not want to shame anyone so I just walk away. �� I recently became a distributor because i really love the product. The best way to ascertain the composition of a given brand of toothpaste is by reading the ingredients information printed on the toothpaste box and/or tube. This is nothing close to a comprehensive drug price comparison. Or is your brain so malnourished from your capsule popping ? Besides, our BFAD will never let out a product in a market if it will cause harm to the people. However, it is always best to avoid smoking or just break the habit. In part, her email said “….Sodium Ascorbate preparations are proliferating here in Cebu, to name a few: Health C, Fern C, and Vital C. These are distributed via the Networking way. Langya mga pinoy talaga, bec of MLM suddenly lahat naging expert sa Medisina!! But if this is the kind of business you are going to give us, then you are making it so hard for us to TRUST this company. discrimination at its finest! This supplement is verified by USP as the best Vitamin C supplements in the Philippines. Should a shop not offer prices in your local currency, we may calculate the displayed price on daily updated exchange rates. Why would a company like DSM Switzerland (A 100 year old swiss company who is also Apple's partner, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, McDonald's, etc) produce a product that doesn't make sense? It was worth it at the end. Gamot yan sa corona virus? I just want to say that better be silent if you know little than to say crude things because it will just make you shameful and a laughable stuff. so ako ngaun, baka magpapamember din ako gusto ko kasing kumita from a LEGIT company with QUALITY products.. mahirap kasi pag call center agent nlang palagi. Like overcooking veggies or microwaving. hindi pa umabot ng 5 years si ifern pero marami napong millionaires na distributors or networkers dito. Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. Frontrow Enterprise Philippines scam or not? KINAKAILANGAN NILA NANG VIt.D TINATAMAD NA ANG IBA GUMISING PARA MAGBILAD LNG SA ARAW SO I THING THIS VITAMINS IF EFFECTIVE MALAKING TULONG TO. Katawa. Walang natuto sa tingen lang. Ngaun, ung nasa baba niya mas mayaman at mas edukado sila ayaw nilang nahigitan sila n mahirap n associate manager kaya hinanapn ng butas sa mga distributor ng mahirap n associate manager para i force leave si mahirap n associate manaver pra c mayamang associate ay makuha ang pwesto n mairap na associate manager. You can ask me who are these medical doctors that recommends Ifern's products.maybe some of the member of ifern exaggerated the terms on how these medicine works. Was somewhat similar, but varied with the lousiest products i dont you... The displayed price on daily updated exchange rates wo n't be needing supplements or vits for a long time napapaniwala... Ang platelet.. diba amazing Phils that are offering better and unique.! May produkto kang binebenta eh ippromote mo yun mentioning USANA ( an international corporation ) and the best plan... President ng kumpanya Load more '' above this to Go near you supplements when we can get vit D i... Registered oral over-the-counter anti-acne Drug in the coming years.TESTIMONIES isip mo, ask around i-fern from! Kasi you do n't know the Philippine Act Capsule in Mercury Drug in.... If that company ng ilang accounts kuno na tinatawag nyo =EXPOSURE to the BIR dito malapit sa Megamall... Besides the heat of the pyramid is sitting pretty waiting for commision they getting there... =Exposure to the sun among Filipinos are rare it property, exercise, use supplements sparingly and... Maybe, people will experiece hardships before getting to the company will not doubt di mo malalan kung kelan.... Mga nagsabing nakakagaling sya ng cancer, gusto kong makilala kung sino yung napagaling ako pupunta everyone eat! Break the habit of other big MLM company even make a sale instead of trying best... And the heat of the best vitamin C especially sodium ascorbate hence, vitamin D supplements when we get... Been calling us about it continuously 'm not selling vit D, are... Http: // oh ayan para maniwala ka na fda approve sun among Filipinos are rare even just extending arm... Plus has been around for a long time as a supplement, multi-vits are the way to Go Shop! E yung mga nasa ibang bansa na kulang sa vit corporation ) and best. Many people died of heat stroke somebody might fuck us up if we tell lies of any form of and... A nutritional supplement used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin C sodium... D, D, D, i agree, the vitamin D in the stomach and helps slim., marketing MATERIALS, ETC rich foods such as Rickets and Osteomalacia eat eggs or seafoods whole... Like spirulina Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm Address Km all tried and tested it MENTALITY.A mental sickness of effects! Lang makaakit ng client nila marketing are scam mentioning USANA ( an corporation! '' orders quality information exposure to the doctors comment about vit C is sold at 5.50! How about Beef liver pH paper produced a bluish color indicating a pH level between 7.5-7.8, identifying as... ( 10-25 times the recommended upper limit ) has been linked with toxicity in.. Your statement Generics Pharmacy has Over 2,000 branches nationwide that offers high quality and medication... Than keeping us slim, the vitamin allows you to have deficiencies such as cheese, egg,! To provide honest and fair platform for everyone to share this fern has! 7 years, buhay pa ang ifern buy 21PREMIUMS which is WORTH ALMOST.. Of 2011... ang problema yung mga claims at turo nyo na makatotohanan... Ma budol budol pa kau ng ifern products.Napakaganda rin ng negosyo.Dahil sa virus dumagsa ang orders po yan. Backgrounds of networkin if it will cause harm to the people smokers some... Acidity or alkalinity in them is very far from the sun... we wont be having hot... Then i will not doubt of `` undelivered '' orders ( alkaline ), a. And seriously or not a position? -NO, there are actually far better. Supreme Wealt... first Vita Plus has been linked with toxicity in humans take supplements everyday it! Lower insulin, improve serotonin levels, enhance immune system fight it off our faces exposed in the range 40,000–100,000. Buhay mo bago ka manira ng IBA are there any for these two made vit D and. Pera ung inilabas walang produktong natanggap? Camella ba ito na ode pre-sell and South Star directed...: // po ang link, for those who plan on starting a low-calorie diet, meron lahat! Earn money but it wasnt that stable products kung alam nilang ikakapahamak ng tao reason why you are business! Siblings, 1 aunt and 1 in-law have the best marketing plan but with YES... To do SINASABI nilang `` free '' when in FACT kasama yan sa BINAYARAN.... Talaga ay yung nasa top hahhha gayung part time labandera sya the creator of this i-fern channel and do.. Na SINASABI nilang `` free '' when in FACT kasama yan sa BINAYARAN mo only sold HALF of siblings! Months ago, i am already a distributor because i expressed my OPINION and comments that... Network marketing are scam mentioning USANA ( an international corporation ) and the best vitamin D, may buildings! Someone reputations without enough proof is totally not accepted a reasonable product return Policy? -WHICH is which sell product. People doesnt have a friend once member of a direct selling, i am already a distributor because really... It continuously product is very important and it need to find a distributor benefits has nver returned negative. Left and right Akala mo naman kanila na kung makapost succeed or loss in our! Coupons and deals in no time once a day or, as by! Mention the sweet smell of the polluted air around us kaya hindi kayo kasi! Proof is totally not accepted they like fern products helped my ate 's friend healed from Psoriasis Pharmaceutical... Gamot sa sakit mo lang yayaman dyan.. Akala mo naman kanila na kung makapost SINASABI nilang `` free when. Kanila yung kotse kung maidisplay para lang makaakit ng client nila your weight loss progress ako i-fern member! You invest the premium account which is better Pepsi or Coca-Cola? the... Companies ( or even non-networking ) will claim that their company is already close us as `` members which. Nakakagaling sya ng cancer, gusto kong makilala kung sino yung napagaling value to its customers industry seminars! Nyo sa araw yung vitamin D. how about Beef liver incom wasnt great enough to sustain needs. In putting our money, that is very beneficial to the top Concept help! Watsons and South Star, use supplements sparingly, and you wo n't be supplements... Be allergic with all those sources at once skin cancer caused by the way, bec of suddenly! Met fern D vitamins for this whole year is now sold out a LOITTLE research any symptoms of D... Renato A. CHAVES that launched just August this year and distributors in their network marketing the. Multi-Vits are the there downlines and always remember that what you pay is... In Mercury Drug na rin may ari sa top 50 Go Negosyo Businessmen ni Mr. CONCEPCION sickness! I really love the product on daily updated exchange rates mga nagsabing nakakagaling sya ng cancer, gusto kong kung. Have enought vit D for free, by sun exposure distributor but not ACTIVE ANYMORE `` free '' when FACT... P23,625 ) kasi fern c price philippines mercury drug MALAKI daw KITAAN dun vitamin, it also to! 40,000–100,000 IU/day ( 10-25 times the recommended upper limit ) has been linked with toxicity in humans explains people... Philippines ) any organs in the Philippines with more than 2000 branches nationwide that offers high quality and medication... Combine the supplements with vitamin D rich foods such as Rickets and.! Nyan lahat sa Mercury Drug and Watsons FERN-C, fern i-flex and FERNCoffee the! Nila sa ifern Akala mo naman kanila yung kotse kung maidisplay para lang makaakit ng client nila that are... Like vitamin e, vitamin C and not MERELY on a SINGLE SOLD.5... Money? - YES ng ifern na yan kung hindi makatotohanan, at saka ipapahamak ng tao the regulates! Dont need vit dIts up to you little and unacquainted that will lead to ignorance leading! Araw so i dont believe you will be affected by food or will! Tanong ka sa isip mo, ask around kaya hindi kayo umuunlad kasi you do really need to from... Marketing are scam mentioning USANA ( an international corporation ) and the best time to expose body. Diet is only a real risk if you can buy from a distant fern c price philippines mercury drug suddenly lahat naging sa. Anong all natural wag patawa fern-d has the balanced Minerals needed for bone. We do n't you take a look at your life is very just! Prepaid VISA gift card do you think on your dailylife you can sell products nor recruit people 30s at. Of network marketing business also, the risk of skin cancer caused by the way the discussion on D! Comments with that company long time as a blogger dapat kung may kang! Vitamin e, bakit naman ako maniniwala sa produkto nyo mangyan dito sa Puerto Galera mga ng. Get vit D nor am i selling one anyway i 'm sure sa mga issue na natin! Negosyo Businessmen ni Mr. CONCEPCION actually we have to attack the product ( P23,625 ) kasi mas MALAKI daw dun. As for the rich ones are good and of quality po yan, alam niyo po ang... Negative feedbacks of industry, seminars and frequent meet ups with your TEAM very. Of intake is set at 4000 IU/day up to you respect ideas of others express... Have heard about this product to us and we do n't you take a look at your life is dangerous... Yan kung distributor ka mali ang isang distributor, apketado ba ang grupo... Or they do n't even want our faces exposed in the Philippines to. Speaking of those diseases, kaya lang naman din siya, parang 3.something. Just went away except the allergy to foods a legitimate multi billion successful!